Some Signs that Could Be Signals You Rely on Credit Card

Fearproject – Use credit cards equals’ debt. This is often not thought of those who diligently swipe credit cards for transactions. Where, if the card is already used, then not you who pay, but the bank. So the fall, we are already owed to the bank that has paid the purchased goods.

Indeed, not everyone will be very easy to swipe credit cards into the payment machine just like that. There are some people who do not do that. However, if we have fallen into the abyss of addiction or addiction that, of course credit card impact will be very bad.

There are some features that indicate that you are already addicted to Credit Cards:

-The most obvious characteristic of people who are addicted to credit cards is that they can never stop swiping their credit cards. Whatever item is purchased, regardless of price, provided that the place provides a swipe of the card, surely he will not pay cash.

Imagine if you keep swiping cards while shopping but never counting what items are bought using it. How much spending is uncounted and turned into debt? Of course it would be very burdensome. If your credit card usage frequency has started to increase, it’s time you start stop using it.

-Always feel there is money when everything is just debt. By having a credit card, we sometimes forget one thing. If it is not our additional money, it belongs to a bank that when used turns into debt. One example of this second trait is never being able to resist the desire to buy an item that is actually considered unnecessary because they feel they still have more money

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