The role of watching movies in the development of child growth

If in the past we still found various kinds of games and physical activities that are commonly practiced by children, now with limited land, time and opportunities, children now tend to use their playing time using various kinds of entertainment available in electronic and digital devices. . Excessive contact with electronic devices is not impossible to cause serious problems, the following is the explanation:

  1. Concentration difficulties

The use of digital media has an effect on the skill of changing children’s attention so that it causes too active and less able to concentrate. The splendor of digital screens will continue to dance in their brains so that they seem to live in the shadow of their brains. They will be late in responding to the surrounding conditions.

  1. Physical and social development is disrupted

Physical development can be disrupted, it could be that the child is too fat due to lack of physical activity or just too thin because their curiosity about watching on a digital screen can make them resist hunger and thirst, even the feeling of urinating. Social development is disrupted because children are more selfish, making it difficult to get along directly. Children also have difficulty recognizing the nuances of feeling due to their lack of involvement in activities with their fellow children their age.

Let us be wise parents in caring for our children. We should be able to equip our children with better things than just playing with their digital screens. Limiting the use of digital devices at the age of children seems still quite feasible as an option to fortify our children from the bad influences of the digital age.

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