What is Main Protection People Get from Vitamin C?

Various products to disguise signs of aging generally contain vitamin C and also vitamin A (retinoid). Both types of these vitamins basically have the same benefits. Using products that contain vitamin C or vitamin A in beauty products is proven to make skin appearance more youthful and fresh. Vitamin C has the ability to brighten the skin and also disguises wrinkles. The same properties, namely retinoid from vitamin A is also a mainstay to make skin tighter by stimulating collagen production. Products containing retinoid are usually night cream because if used in the morning will make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. As a result the skin looks darker

Unlike cream or serum products that contain vitamin C that can be used in the morning or evening. In general, vitamin C is not as strong as retinoid but the results are more or less the same on the skin. If we want to use products that contain retinoid in the morning, do not forget to use sunscreen. But basically sunscreen should be worn every day.

Recognize Side Effects and Dangers of Vitamin C

If taken with a recommended dose, vitamin C will not harm and very rarely cause side effects. Conversely, if taken in high doses in the long run, it can increase the risk of kidney stones or the occurrence of some symptoms as follows:

  1. Bloated
  2. Heartburn
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Gag
  5. Stomach ache

Be sure to read the ingredients contained in each drug preparation. Do not take more than one supplement containing vitamin C at the same time to avoid overdose.

Vitamin C benefits for men and women

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