Japanese Cotton and Cotton Panca

Japanese Cotton and Cotton Panca

Japanese Cotton and Cotton Panca

Luxury bedspreads UK materials also include Japanese Cotton and Cotton Panca. Japanese cotton excess is cold, smooth, soft and not easily faded even though it has been washed because it is made of 100% cotton.

Because of its good quality Japanese cotton is priced at a fairly high. The price of Japanese cotton bed sheets is set according to the size and model of each. For the simplest are generally sold with prices ranging from 250 thousand rupiah.

In the maintenance of this cloth should not use a brush with coarse bristles, because it will damage the fabric surface.

Luxury bedspreads UK Cotton Panca besides Japanese Cotton

Cotton Panca : this type of local cotton has a composition of 50% cotton and 50% polyester with thread count ranging from 15-200. Panca cotton is also soft, feels cold and also does not easily fade. This cotton material is often intended for children bed linen because it has a variety of motives.

Full-patterned type tend to be rigid, it aimed somewhat motifs bed sheets easy to fade. Standard quality makes the price economical, although the benchmark price is also based on the model and size. For single size the price is relatively cheap, starting from 150 thousand rupiah only.

Star cotton maybe some of you are not familiar enough with this material. Naturally because this material is new, the advantage of this material has a motive that varies so much preferred by the buyer. The color that was carried was bright and striking. Cotton star has a catalog that allows buyers to make choices.

The motif on this star cotton is the result of printing, to print the image on this star cotton cloth requires a certain thickness, which causes cotton star different from other cotton. The difference is not too obvious, but still felt when used.

The quality of this cotton material is higher than the cotton panca, the price is also quite affordable. Capitalize only 150 thousand dollars; you can feel the softness and beauty of this cotton fabric star.

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