How Point Click Care Direct Messaging Useful in Daily Life

Point Click Care has effectively improved seniors’ lives, providing bridges between senior care providers and residents. Recently, the company has launched Point Click Care Direct Messaging which is designed to help care providers connect with residents more effectively by utilizing electronic communication devices to store residents’ health records and other information securely. Hopefully, this will bring betterment to the already established system in senior’s health care in Point Click Care.

What Is Point Click Care Direct Messaging?

From now on, residents and care providers can exchange messages securely in Point Click Care platform. Together with Medicity, it has been possible to have an integrated direct messaging in the platform. Using the service, providers and residents can exchange important information regarding patients’ health record and care needs. As soon as the message is sent, an alert will be received on the dashboard which will notify the administrative or care team members. The message can be accompanied with attachments from health-related institutes, such as hospitals or practitioners.

The Benefits of Point Click Care Direct Messaging

There are at least 3 benefits that can be obtained from using an integrated direct messaging within this platform. Here are they:

  • Improve Quality of Care

Updates are made for betterment. The integrated direct messaging is also made with such purpose. With guaranteed security in sharing information between care providers and care delivery partners, the quality of care will automatically be improved.

  • Enhanced Data Integrity

Information is important, especially its accuracy. With this update, care delivery partners can directly send the information to care providers. The process simplifies the management process, as well as minimizes time used in the process.

  • Increased Efficiency

Time is money; we all agree to the premise, so we have to make the most out of it. Directly exchanging information benefited the document management greatly. As the result, it creates a better and more effective workflow.

Advantages from PointClickCare Electronic Health Record Platform

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