The healthy fusion guideline

In this new healthy fusion guideline, there are several other recommendations if you want to live a healthy life. Among them are regular exercise, regulating food portions, monitoring body weight regularly, and maintaining personal hygiene and the surrounding environment.

  1. Milk is not required to be a complement

If you think your new diet will be perfect if you drink milk, then you are wrong. Milk is no longer required to be included in your daily healthy diet. Because the milk has the same content as animal protein side dishes.

While other ingredients in milk such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, you can also find it in various other animal proteins. So don’t worry about you being unhealthy because you don’t drink milk all this time.

  1. There are no portion provisions

In the slogan of eating old healthy food, there are no provisions and rules for how many meals a day. In fact, the provision of food portions is very important to prevent you from being overweight and suffering from various chronic diseases.

Meanwhile, on the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines you can also get a portion of the healthy food menu in your dinner plate.

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