Guidance How to Wear Jackets in Correct Ways

Here are the best guides wearing bomber jackets on men according to the fashion team.

  1. Choose a bomber jacket with a slightly longer body line. The bomber jacket is generally synonymous with casual style because of its boxy or slightly inflated shape. To be worn as a neater appearance, choose a jacket that has a slightly longer body line to make it look fit. This view is also able to make users do not look like children when wearing a bomber jacket.
  2. Choose a minimalist design if you are afraid to experiment in the style of dress with bomber jacket.
  3. Elegant bouquet can be done by combining a medium-cut bomber jacket with a plain shirt of bright colors and slim-fit pants darker than the color of the jacket. Avoid clothes that have a motive, whether it is a pattern or embroidery, because it will make you look no authoritative when wearing it.
  4. A straight cut intersection is the right choice to wear along with a bomber jacket, like a chino pants for example. Denim pants also can actually blend nicely with bomber jacket, but only for the intersecting skinny and dark colored.

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