Designing Your Own Game

Want to impress everyone tonight? Or are you looking for an exciting way to teach in class? You have an idea for a game that only you and your friends will understand? Creating your own Game which can satisfy yourself, your child, or your class.

Follow these instructions to make your Board Game idea a reality.

Write your idea. Making notes on a book or computer helps you get a good idea. Use this note to write down all the ideas about your game. This will help you separate good ideas with bad ones. There are two approaches in designing this game are: Themes and Mechanics. These two concepts are the foundation of all Board Games.

The theme is the essence of the game; it can also be used as a genre. Games like Sorry! have a simple theme in defeating your opponent where a complex game will have a theme about major conflicts and player strategies.

Mechanical is the basic way players communicate with the game. In monopoly, the mechanic wrestles around dice, buys property, and makes money. At Axis & Allies, the mechanic struggles around moving large points between boards connected, using dice to resolve conflicts between players.

There is no right and wrong when starting to design your game. Some people start from the mechanics then to the theme, where others make the theme first and then make the appropriate mechanics with the theme.

Improve the graphics and sounds in the game. While there are many game assets you can use out there, take the time to adjust all the assets to make them look perfect. If any aspect is not perfect or looks unsuitable, replace it with another. Learn the art of pixel if you want to change an image in your 2D game, or use software like OpenGL if you’re working on a 3D project.

Add light effects to let players know which path is the main line to take, or particle effects that show a cool attack effect, or movement in the background. Also add sounds for footsteps, attacks, jumps, and everything that does require sound. While you can always add things and test a few times, your game is actually ready as soon as the aspect and audio and visuals match what you want.


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