How to braid your child’s hair with classic style?

For children, we can try braiding hair with the classical style (ordinary) or French braids. Both will make the appearance of children look more neat and feminine. But for this time we will try how to braid the child’s hair is the simplest, the classic braid.

Here is a step by step tutorial how to braid your child’s hair with classic style with double braids.

  1. Split the child’s hair with a comb into two equal parts. Set aside the left side by draping it over the shoulders
  2. Divide right hair into three equal parts. Start braiding hair from the nape. Cross the right to center, so the center is turned to the right. Then cross the left to center, so that the middle part turns to left. Keep crossing until the braids are near the end of the hair. Leave a little at the end, then tie with a rubber band.
  3. Take the left part of the hair, split into three equal parts, then braid with the same process as the right hair. Tie the end with a rubber hair. May be tied again with the ribbon to look sweeter.

So how to braid the child’s hair with a classic braid. Children’s hair can also be braided with French braid models, ponytails, or small braids. Be sure not to braze too tight so that the roots of the hair are not interested and cause headaches.

African hair braiding for long hair

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